About me

I’m Björn since -85. Father of two. Enjoys family time, traveling, running, boardgames and an IPA with friends. Not too bad at kicking a football. Loves my work, currently as Creative Director at Casall.

Summary of qualifications

10+ years experience of brand building, art direction and graphic design. Hands-on design skillset, bridging design with business objectives.

— Brand building – strategy and design

— Recruit and lead creative teams

— Creative lead and art direction for campaigns and photo shoots

— E-commerce design and UX lead

— Hands on graphic design skills, with a soft spot for logotypes and icons

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What I do

I’m passionate about both strategic and design aspects of branding. I advocate a holistic approach where design support a company’s strategy and goals. Successful design needs a clear direction, and the direction a purpose. I’m accustomed to manage creative teams in marketing and product development so that all design outputs are pixel perfect and on brand. My background as a graphic designer and retoucher have established an eye for detail and hands-on design skills.

What I want

I thrive in companies that’s on a mission to change or challenge something, managed with a entrepreneurial mindset. Where most things is in constant development and arising challenges quickly can shape a new course of action.

My (design) beliefs

Design is iterative

It’s best to launch it, test it and improve it. A somewhat painful insight for a detail oriented person as myself, but something I’ve acknowledged with time. Even if good design spring from a process, it can’t be allowed to take over. It’s about framing the problem and shaping the solution.


Design is strategy

Design should always connect to a company’s purpose, goal and strategy.
In a corporate setting I integrate both the inside-out perspective (a company’s experts, resources, knowledge, assets, etc) and outside-in view (user needs, industry development, competitive environment, etc). I then translate these perspectives into meaningful design solutions.


Design is collaborative

Good design is often a result of different perspectives, something that is easier to achieve by having an inclusive design process.