Infusing youth into Swedish heritage sportswear brand Casall

Casall – designer sportswear from Sweden since 1984 – has been around since the era of leg warmers and aerobics TV-sessions. Being one of the world’s first brands developing training apparel for women. Once an undisputed pioneer in the training world, now challenged by younger players on the market.

With an aging demographic the brand needed to rejuvenate – making it attractive to a younger training scene.

Based off of a new company strategy, my work included new brand identity, image tonality, e-com design, content guidelines for site, newsletters and social media.

Core brand identity

A balancing act of staying true to the brand’s heritage, while carefully updating it to attract a younger crowd – without alienating existing customers.

The updated visual identity stems from Casall’s traditional logo typography and dark profile.

Image tonality

With the product in focus, the images should convey the brand’s foundation; credibility, aspirational, quality and fashion forward.


With a shifted focus to the brand’s own sales channels, the digital flagship store needed an update of design & content and guidelines.

Social media