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What I do

I’m passionate about both the strategic and design parts of branding.

I advocate Strategic Design; a holistic approach where design support a company’s purpose, strategy and goals. Successful design needs a clear direction, and the direction a purpose.

I’m accustomed to managing creative teams so that all design outputs are pixel perfect and on brand.
I design for all things digital, e-commerce, print, motion.

What I want

I want to work with brands that’s on a mission to change or challenge something.

I prefer working in-house, as an active part of the brand, the people and the culture.

I’m used to when things are in constant development and where new challenges can shape the course of action.

My (design) beliefs

Design is strategy

Design should always connect to a company’s purpose, goal and strategy.
In a corporate setting I integrate both the inside-out perspective (a company’s experts, resources, knowledge, assets, etc)

and outside-in view (user needs, industry development, competitive environment, etc). I then translate these perspectives into meaningful design solutions.

Design is iterative

It’s best to launch it, test it and improve it. A somewhat painful insight for a detail oriented person as myself, but something I’ve acknowledged with time.

Even if good design spring from a process, it can’t be allowed to take over. It’s about framing the problem and shaping the solution.

Design is collaborative

Good design is often a result of different perspectives, something that is easier to achieve by having an inclusive design process.

I advocate creative forums involving a variety of roles to best tackle creative challenges.