01 — Strategy & Position

Sportamore is the largest online sports retailer in the Nordic region. In a new ambitious growth phase the brand needed to up its game in strategy, design and brand experience.

I was part of a small marketing team of three, who set out to define and shape the brand. Exciting times!

With Sportamore's history as an innovative underdog as a jumping-off point, combined with the direction set out by the company’s executives, we formulated the brand’s purpose. A guiding star for everything Sportamore does, true for every role at the company.

Much of the strategic groundwork was based on insights from a Brand Value Analysis (BVA) conducted by Transvector and Lund University. It’s an in-depth examination of the brand’s current equity in comparison to competitors, as well as an analysis of what drives sales and brand loyalty in the category. It provided a solid base for informed decisions of how to position the brand, eliminating some of the guesswork and assumptions often made in branding discussions.

Based on insights from the BVA and existing customer data we defined the core target group the brand would primarily target. Paired with a detailed persona it gave a better understanding of who the brand should appeal.

Further positioning work and communication concept was done by and together with ad agency TBWA\Stockholm.

02 — Brand Identity

With the strategic foundation in place it was time to shape the personality of the brand. How should the brand look, feel and talk? We wanted the challenger spirit to shine through in every aspect of the brand, giving it a distinct and bold look. It needed flexibility to adapt to a variety of sports, brands and seasons, without losing brand recognition.
The visual aspects of the new brand identity consisted of logo refresh, custom(ized) typeface, icon family, revamped pink profile and imagery style.

03 — Design System

The site is Sportamore’s primary point of contact with customers and essential to brand experience. A design system is guided by standards and design principles, ensuring conformity in design and elevating user experience.

04 — Content Guidelines

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